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MinerEx is a company focused on the future, in particular the crypto future. We want to provide the best platform for 3 things – Management of Cryptocurrency Portfolio, a comprehensive series of blockchain education and providing the best crypto-mining infrastructure possible.

MinerEx has the best crypto-traders in the region and we continue to recruit the best traders in the region, helping clients to grow their cryptocurrency portfolios as we go along. With our expertise, we will be able to help clients go into the crypto market at the most opportune time. We look forward to better and legit ICOs being launched and offer our advisory services to some of the best ICOs in the world.

Every blockchain requires miners to sustain and at MinerEx, we aim to provide sustainable solutions for Mining, which our Research and Development teams work ever harder to create and provide. With that, let us look forward to the future of crypto and blockchain with both enthusiasm and caution.

The Minerex
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We offer one of the most competitive pricing in the market, our rigs are one of the cheapest in the market. This is because MinerEX does not sell the “latest” or “best” specs in the market, we sell the one with highest ROI per capita. Electricity is by bulk-purchase model, which means cheaper in large quantities. Minus away the management fees, breakeven can be expected within 6-10 months and after that you can continue to enjoy passive income for at least the next 3-5 years


Our mining rigs are located in Singapore which has stable Wi-Fi connection and proper social security. We sign agreements with our clients to protect their interests and ours and make sure all parties carry out their duties. You can arrange a timing to come and view the mining rigs.


Clients’ warranty is given by MinerEX, this is because if you actually try to claim warranty from companies such as ASUS or Nvidia, your warranty will be voided, this is because mining using GPU is considered abuse. Therefore MinerEX gives a personal 1st year warranty with upgrading and maintenance to our clients because our technical team actually does in-house repairs or if need be, parts are purchases to replace any broken parts.

Strong Team

We work with one of the biggest hardware providers in Singapore and our own specialized team of programmers do up the algorithms to raise the efficiency of the machines to the max, so clients get both the best maintenance care and the strongest algorithms for maximum ROI.

Our Mission

To become the number go to solution for all cryptocurrency services in Southeast Asia

Our Vision

To create a world where cryptocurrency is accepted as a valid medium of exchange
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    No.420, Street 271, SilverH Building,
    Sangkat Tomnoup Teuk, Khan Chamkarmon,
    Phnom Penh


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