The new wave of cryptocurrencies have arrived! In order to meet with rising demand, Minerex has taken it upon itself to offer basic cryptocurrency courses for all who are interested.

Basic/ Intro Course
  • to Cryptocurrency

Looking to get your feet wet in Cryptocurrency? Well, you came to the right place! With our array of course and pointers, you will sure be able to learn how the blockchain works! Below is the course’s learning objectives:

  1. What is Blockchain?
  2. What is Cryptocurrency?
  3. How to start?
  4. How to be setup wallet?
  5. How does mining work?
  1. Cost and profits involved in mining
  2. The Correct Mining strategy
  3. Future of Cryptocurrency
  4. What next?
  • Crypto

Had enough of trading crypto? Want to become a true blue expert now in blockchain? Well it’s time to go on to the advanced course! Look below for the learning pointers:

  1. What is Hard-fork?
  2. What is a Soft Fork?
  3. What is Proof-of-Stake?
  4. Other consensus model
  5. What is Unspent Transactions?
  6. What is Turing Completeness?
  7. Technology, Protocol and Tokens
  8. Coin and Tokens
  9. Protocol Coins
  10. ERC20 and ERC721
  1. Privacy Coins
  2. Infrastructure Coins
  3. Security Tokens
  4. Utility Tokens
  5. What is a testnet?
  6. What is a mainnet?
  7. Crypto-Market Manipulation
  8. Forms of Market Manipulation
  9. Are You Ready to ICO?
  10. Your Next Step
  • Crypto

Understood the basics of blockchain already? Want to delve deeper and learn how to trade cryptocurrency? Well here’s what you expect to learn in terms of trading cryptocurrency!
Key Learning points from here:

  1. Hands-On Experience of setting up of different wallets and exchange accounts
  2. Understanding the Different Wallet Types
  3. Separating real blockchain from hypes, highly important!
  4. What is an ICO?
  5. Main Token Types
  6. Analyzing an ICO – Learn how to pick winning ICOs and Identify scams
  1. Strategies in Investing
  2. Structure of token sales, holdings, marketing campaigns, supply manipulation and how they affect token price movements
  3. Reducing risk and exposure to crypto downturn and maximizing gains]
  4. Technical Analysis and Entering into Exchanges to trade
  5. Strategies on how to profit from the Crypto-Market
  6. Secret method of using the different order types
Blockchain Expert Course
  • (Coming Soon)

It’s finally time. Time for you to do your own blockchain! Always wanting to develop your own blockchain? This is the course for you to do it! Learn how to develop the blockchain and become the ultimate blockchain expert!