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Christophe Chheang


Born in France from Cambodian Origins, Mr. Christophe Chheang spent more than 30 years in France where he graduated from ESLSCA with a BBA majoring in Finance & International Strategy and a Master's degree in Project Management, International Development & Negotiation from SupdeCo Reims, RMS.  Aiming to acquire a double competence, he pursued his studies at Paris Central Post Graduate School of Engineering, ECE where he obtain a Post Master's Degree in Market Finance and IT Architecture. During this time, his different internships brought him to explore different part of world accumulating vast experiences namely from Australia, South Korea and Switzerland.

Before moving to Cambodia, Mr. Chheang work 3 years for BNP Paribas Investment Banking as a Business Analyst where he managed Project Teams on MUREX & TRANSCOM Financial Applications assuring Functional and Technical Support.

He decided to move to Cambodia in 2011. Before he starts his journey with MinerEx He is the Head of Business Development for Camintel, a Korean Owned Telecommunication Company and then taking over the General Administration and Human Resource Departments as well on a later part for 3 years.

Being the Chairman of MinerEx, he assures commitment to deliver high quality services to the customers who rely on us. He believes MinerEx has significant financial strength for the long-haul and trusts the value of this brand, his team and MinerEx Strategies.

Mr. Chheang is also a partner and own other businesses in Trading, Import/Export or Leisure/Entertainment. Meantime, he also serves as an Advisor to the President of the National Assembly with the rank of Under Secretary of State.

Tommy Ong

Vice Chairman

Born in Singapore,

Mr. Tommy started his career in Futures Brokerage in 1988 as Junior Broker. He then being promoted to Managements position within a short 5 years of time. He started his own Forex Brokerage Firm from year 1995 in Malaysia and subsequently travel to different parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America (Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Mexico) to work on expanding the brokerage worldwide with other partners amassing 30 years of experience in the field of stock, futures, and foreign exchange brokerage.

Kezy Chong

Chief Executive Officer

Starting his musical journey at 7, Kezy never once felt pressurised and instead adopted a humble attitude and worked hard. His talent was finally uncovered by music maestro, Guo Chang Suo, whom discovered Kezy’s talents during a Chinese Orchestra Musical and he decided to mentor him.

Kezy was also invited to work with many diverse orchestras including the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and Music for Our Young Hong Kong. After numerous successful performances, Kezy’s thirst to be better eventually led him to clinch several awards in various competitions such as the National Chinese Music Competition organized by the National Arts Council(NAC) in 2006 and 2008, which his ensemble emerged as the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Despite being hugely successful in his musical endeavours Kezy decided to move out of his comfort zone and venture into the world of public speaking. His insatiable hunger for success led him to continue speaking and train others. This process has been fruitful as he found out that developing public speaking skills has helped him and others immensely in growing as a person.

In addition, Kezy was the partner of a property development company in Thailand, where in 2014, Kezy exited the business partnership through a striking off and liquidation; he saw another opportunity to set up a second company, Regius Asset Management Limited. He overcame the challenge of limited capital by raising more than $1,000,000 USD through private equity. Raising 1,000,000 USD at the age of 22 stands as testimony to his tenacity and determination.

He also founded Regius Management Pte Ltd, which specializes in large scale events and brand management. From music to public speaking and finally to finance and investments, Kezy’s life has taken many unexpected turns but it has only made him more versatile, flexible and adaptable. Now with his experience and connections which he has accumulated over the years, he takes to the fore as Minerex's Chief Executive Officer.