Mining is the process where your computer through its graphic card or ASICs produces enough processing power to form blocks on the blockchain. These blocks are created when your computer with its processing power processes transactions which occur over the blockchain and as a result serve as the creator and accountant of a distributed ledger. In return for offering your services to mine, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Etherum are rewarded to you!

What are Cryptocurrencies and what is the Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies are also known as virtual currencies and perhaps the most well-known one which you would have heard of is bitcoin! Virtual currencies function just like any currency in the world! They allow you to purchase goods and services, can be exchanged for other currencies and can be kept for alternative value and investment. However, what really makes cryptocurrencies valuable is the value for which they provide! And this brings us in with the blockchain!

The blockchain is basically a string of ledger blocks merged and connected together to record transactions between buyers and sellers, keep track of inventory or it may even be used in the future for things like retail trading or voting! Basically when a blockchain is involved, all processes , transactions and end/start destinations of each functional mechanism within the blockchain is recorded.

The Concept?

First you purchase or even rent one of our mining rigs! These two are entirely different concepts but feel free to find out from us! After you purchase or rent one of our mining rigs, what happens is you can come down to Singapore to visit our mining farm and you can simply sit in the comfort of your own home enjoying the returns which our low-cost and optimised mining rigs can afford for you! To arrange a visit to our farm in Singapore, simply contact your introducer! The estimated breakeven time for most investors is 8-11 months!