MinerEx Network Mining

At MinerEX, we are making the activity of mining as relatable and as accessible to you as possible! We want to become a one stop solution for all our clients and make sure that they are able to get premium service for the capital they invested in!

The mining process starts with the miners. Each miner use complex mining algorithms to solve mining equations and from there they maintain the block and verify each and every transaction. Bitcoin and other digital currencies operate as peer-to-peer networks, and a reward system his provides a unique way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more miners to participate.

However, Bitcoin’s popularity sometimes makes it increasingly hard to mine as more competition are faced, hence our cryptocurrency experts will help our clients strategize on which is the next big coin to mine and as those coins and their value go up, the money made is reinvested into newer and more powerful machines.

Efficient Mining in Singapore

Singapore provides the perfect environment for mining because of the following reasons:

  • Security, Singapore is known as one of the safest countries in terms of criminal rate and disaster occurrence
  • Asia’s financial Hub, made for an Asian audience
  • Optimised Electrical charges, Singapore’s charges in terms of electrical power is one of the lowest
  • Cryptocurrency expert galore
  • Open to Visits from our clients
  • Lessened Shipping and Setup time

Singapore provides one of the best spots to conduct mining because of the fact that all our facilities are heavily protected and more importantly you do not have to worry about the farm being affected by internet connection. Our facility in Singapore, located close to woodlands has one of the fastest internet connection speeds on the island and specialized experts to look after your rigs 24/7. Combined with the above reasons, Singapore is indeed the number 1 choice for our farms! As we expand, we may also buy over farms in Malaysia and China! Look out for our updates!

Managed and maintained by the MinerEX Grid

It is our goal to create a system where consumers can easily see and view the amount of coins that their rigs are mining for them and in the process, ensuring that we always deliver products of the highest quality. With the MinerEX Grid, all this is made possible as our integrated user interface allows clients to purchase rigs, monitor amount of coins mined and even sell their used rigs! In addition, clients can even exchange their coins for fiat currency by using our exchange.

Introducer’s Incentive

In addition, we also offer a referral based system that allows anyone to purchase our mining hardware and get paid a commission.We offer a unique affiliate model and daily cryptocurrency pay-outs with which we can outlast just about any other mining operation in existence.

As a member of MinerEx, you actually own a piece of the mining hardware and depending on the number of units you own and the country you live-in, you can actually request to take possession of your equipment.

To request a repossession of your mining hardware, please contact your introducer or email us at [email protected]