Our Products

This is the part where you as the client understand more about how the whole process works

You can choose to buy a mining rig or if you have less capital to work with, you can rent a mining rig with us! Last of all, you can even own a mining farm! Please note that this is a physical rig and a label will be put on it to suggest that it is yours. Renting will mean that ultimate ownership of the rig does not lie with you but with us, the company. Payment! Contact your Introducer for our wiring details or upfront cash payment

4 – 6 weeks of shipping and set-up period

Monitor the amount of ETH your rig has mined for you each day and do a monthly compilation

Accumulate Your Etherum Payout in your MinerEx Account

Sell your coins mined through our OTC platform or
Create Your Crypto-wallet with a reputable exchange and proceed to cash out!

Less bills, more family time and definitely a lot more cash in your bank account!

GPU Mining Pools

Another key reason why most clients choose our service and product is because we are part of mining pools like the Changsha mining pool, Claymore mining pool and Nanopool! In addition to that, owning a mining rig can be extremely inconvenient if it is placed at home! It produces a lot of heat and is extremely noisy! Most importantly, our rig engineers optimize the rigs so that you get the most reward for the least electrical costs!

If you are still waiting, please stop waiting!

Cryptocurrencies are the future and even governments like Japan, Russia and China have got down to creating their own digital currency! This is a wave that cannot be stopped and guess what? We wouldn’t want it to stop because it promotes much more transparency and accountability. The speed at which the world is improving is merciless so please wait no further! Be a part of our big family today and watch as cryptocurrencies change the way you live!

Minerex offers a chance to be a part of this wave and we believe there is a 3-5 years period to cash in on this wave! After that, its all about which coins you choose to invest! While domestic mining is getting increasingly difficult, commercial mining is the next wave! Join us today!

We have 3 plans for you to choose from:

XShare RigStarterA


Own a Sub Unit of the Rig

Your returns are proportionate to your invested amount

X1 RigBest BuyB


Own the entire mining rig, placed within the safety and convenience of our farms

All coins mined by the rig, after deduction of cost and profit-sharing will go to the owner

XFarmMax ProfitC


At least an order of 35 rigs and above

Farm will belong to you, full-set up of farm will be included

Comparison Table between Mining with Us and Mining By Yourself

Compared Element Domestic Mining Commercial Farming
Lifespan Lack of Proper Maintenance, your rigs will last 1 year Our specialist team maintains your rigs for you, rigs can last up to 3-5 years
Profitability Farming at home means using the domestic rate for electricity charges, this is high Farming at our farms means we have the logistics team and the commercial conditions to lower your electrical cost
Convenience Placing rigs at your home is a noise disturbance and more importantly, a safety hazard Placing your mining rigs at our farms not only frees up space at your home for your own use, but you can arrange to visit your rig as well!
Competitiveness Owning a rig is not a one-time effort, you have to constantly update the algorithm inside the rig to gain access to new mining pools and to mine new coins, and can you handle it by yourself? With our specialist team looking after your rig for you, you can be sure your rigs are well taken care of and of course algorithms constantly updated.
Legality/Warranty When you buy a domestic rig, the warranty is provided by the component company, for example Nvidia or Asus. However this often results in the voiding of the warranty as mining using these components are considered abuse. When you host your rig with Minerex, your 1st year warranty is provided by us, this means we will replace parts spoilt in the first year. This is how confident we are in our rig maintenance ability.
Scale There is simply no way, in terms of infrastructure and profitability to do domestic mining Minerex provides hosting of your rigs at the commercial scale and if you want to setup your own farm, we also provide farm setup and management services.